1. Are you ready to adopt an Old English Sheepdog?

2. Are you financially ready for the adoption fee (range: $175-$350)?  Have you considered the vet expenses to keep your dog on monthly heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention?  Food costs for mid-high grade dog food (approx.  $35-$90 a month depending on how much the dog eats).   Grooming costs ranging from $50-$70 per regular groom and $70-$110 for a shave down.  Vet bills for yearly check ups and the unexpected emergencies?  Potentially kenneling for trips out of town?  These are all things you must budget before you consider getting a dog.

3. If you feel you are prepared for the challenge of owning an Old English Sheepdog then please fill out this online adoption application.

4. If you have never owned an Old English Sheepdog or if you’d like another introduction to grooming, care and breed traits we invite you and all of your family members to explore the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of this breed. Now is the appropriate time to discuss your expectations with an OES Rescue Network volunteer – i.e. size, energy level, sex, age, and so on.

5. Once you have completed that stage, you are ready to discuss meeting a specific rescue dog. There is sometimes a wait for the “right” dog to become available for your situation. You will not be pressured into taking a dog if there is any doubt that this is not the right dog for you. Deciding an available dog is not the right one for your particular family will not cause you to lose your place in line for another appropriate dog.

6. Once you have met a rescue dog you would like to adopt, you will need to become a memeber of Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southesat, sign our adoption contract, provide the adoption fee, and you and your family members will embark on a wonderful new chapter for all of you!

Are You Ready to Adopt?

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